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“Charles Joseph Associates was there every step of the way, we couldn’t have gotten there without the valuable advice.  If anyone has any doubts as to the tremendous value Charles Joseph Associates brings to the table, don’t hesitate to call!”

Jim Keeven

Arco National Construction Project Manager

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“Thanks again for your representation of our project… you are skilled at what you do,  and we are very glad to have you on our side”

Alan Wilson 

Wilson & Associates

Charles Joseph Associates


Founded in 1994 by Chuck Buquet, Charles Joseph Associates is backed with 27 years of industry experience.

Charles "Chuck" Buquet is President of Charles Joseph Associates, a corporation that provides management services for both the public and private sector. Charles Joseph Associates has performed services for a number of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies having projects needing the high level of technical expertise Charles Joseph Associates can provide.

In addition, Chuck has over 20 years of risk management experience. He has also performed elected community service for over 12 years as Mayor Pro Tem and City Council Member for the City of Rancho Cucamonga, his home for over 43 years.

Chuck has served as a guest speaker and panelist at various workshops and seminars which have included presentations for many county, state and municipal associations. He also holds a Certificate of Specialization in Risk Management from University of California, Riverside; and as a registered Safety Administrator with the National Safety Council.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Charles Joseph Associates has established a business relationship with our Clients that will last a lifetime! See our testimonials for more information.